Building device drivers with oskit10_support_l4env

Jianjun Shen weishen_cu at
Mon Oct 10 10:18:25 CEST 2005


I do not know why, but I posted this mail the day
before yesterday, and has not found it in l4-hackers
mail list (and got no reply). So I re-send the same
mail. Sorry, if you receive it twice.

I am trying to implement an ide server, and I think I
can make use of oskit10_support.

As a test, I wrote a simple program which calls
start_blk_devices() to initialize block drivers. This
test program works well when being linked with
oskit10_support, but fails when being linked with
oskit10_l4env_support_full. In the latter case, it
takes quite a long time to probe irqs for each ide
device (I think it dose not finally succeed), and
fails to use the default irqs and ports at last.

Is it that oskit10_support_l4env is not a completed
port to l4env (I guess maybe it still try to allocate
irqs and ports from rmgr but not l4io)? Is it possible
to make the oskit drivers work with l4env? How to?

"Using the OSKit as a base for L4 applications" noted
that oskit10_support uses lthread_ex_regs to implement
interrupt handling, and it may cause some problems.
Dose oskit10_support_l4env still have this problem?

Jianjun Shen


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