Module arguments

Marcel Selhorst l4hackers at
Thu Oct 13 11:10:12 CEST 2005

Hello L4-Hackers,

I have a problem regarding the loading of modules:
If I want to load a module and put the regarding entry into the menu.lst including
parameters for the module, the module cannot be found in the memory.

For example, I have the entry:

	module (nd)/hddencrypter --with-password-dialog
	module (nd)/ramdisk --with-password-dialog

(the --with-password-dialog is an argument, which forces GRUB to prompt for a
password and afterwards replaces the --with-password-dialog with a new parameter
--password='xxx'. This is needed for the harddisc encrypter in order to get the
password for decrypting the configuration file).

But whenever I put a parameter behind a module, the loader isn't able to locate the
entry inside the memory (probably because it compares the whole string?).

l4lx    | l4env_rd_path: ramdisk
l4lx    | Loading: ramdisk
bmodfs  | [B.2] generic_fprov/examples/bmodfs/dm.c:135:dm_open():
bmodfs  |  Error: Object 'ramdisk' not found!
l4lx    | Couldn't load RAM disk from fprov!

Are there any ideas on how to solve this?

Best regards,

Marcel Selhorst

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