bootstrap + module

Christoph Mueller pisi at
Thu Oct 27 16:32:20 CEST 2005


I am reusing some code from dde_linux/examples/sound. But I use
bootstrap instead of rmgr. Where do I find correct syntax for menu.lst
to specify an additional module (sample.pcm) for my server?

The syntax from dde_linux/examples/sound/menu.lst uses RMGR.
I think, I have to give a parameter to bootstrap that I can access the
additional module in my server.

syntax from example:
>title sounddrv-foo
> kernel (nd)/tftpboot/USER/rmgr -sigma0 task modname "sounddrv-foo" module
> module (nd)/tftpboot/USER/fiasco -nowait -nokdb

what i tried:
>title l4snd - l4env
>kernel $(P)/bootstrap -sigma0 task modname "l4snd" module
>modaddr 0x01500000
>module $(P)/fiasco $(FIASCOARGS)
>module $(P)/sigma0
>module $(P)/roottask
>module $(P)/names -verbose 2
>module $(P)/log
>module $(P)/dm_phys
>module $(P)/l4io --noirq
>module $(P)/l4snd
>modaddr 0x01000000
>module $(P)/snd.pcm sample1

l4env_multiboot_info->mods_count is zero. (I assume no module was
assigned to my server.)


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