ANNOUNCE: NICTA embedded OS framework released

Gernot Heiser gernot at
Wed Nov 23 23:38:14 CET 2005

The NICTA ERTOS team is pleased to announce the fist official release
of its embedded OS framework, consisting of:

    * NICTA::Pistachio-embedded, the first kernel conforming to the
      L4-embedded API. NICTA::Pistachio is based on L4Ka::Pistachio; 

    * Iguana, an L4-based OS personality developed specifically for
      embedded systems; 

    * Kenge, a set of packages for building microkernel-based systems;

    * Wombat, a de-privileged (para-virtualised) Linux server running
      on top of L4/Iguana.

Presently the full package works on ARM and x86 platforms. MIPS64 is
fully supported except for Wombat (which is due for release shortly)
and an Alpha version is not far behind.

The system is very mature (in commercial deployment);
NICTA::Pistachio-embedded is the fastest and most mature L4 kernel on
ARM.  See also the

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