fprintf(stderr, ...) fails

Arthur Mielimonka Arthur.Mielimonka at web.de
Tue Nov 29 01:40:43 CET 2005


for my project I'm using sources, which heavily make use of code like this:
    fprintf (stderr, "....");
Even if compiling works fine, the executions of the program failes with 
the following error message,
when the program reaches the respective code:

Program| OSKit support: using 4096KB at 0x00100000 as heap
Program| Exiting with rc=-2147467262

No error occurs on printf("..") - commands.

I am using the "l4env_freebsd" mode, but even in "l4env" mode an 
(another) error occurs.

I'm starting fiasco-ux with the command:
./fiasco-ux -m 256 -l names -l name_server -l dm_phys -l log -l 
simple_ts -l Program

Thanks for any help,

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