L4Linux bootprompt question

Jayesh Salvi jayesh.salvi at veritas.com
Sat Feb 12 19:39:28 CET 2005

>You can also write /dev/hda6 directly. The major:minor way is just
>another way expressing this.

I thought the same, but it didn't work.

>> l4linux download page).. However now I have come to know that there
>> no passing around compilation of L4Linux and L4Env, because the ram
>> is designed for and it looks for /lib/ which I will
>> need to build myself.

> The ramdisk is not designed for any specific Linux version.  As long
> the system does not need any kernel modules the ramdisk should just
> work. What's your problem?

I find the linux kernel looking for ../lib/ modules. And when
it doesn't find that it runs e2fsck on the file system, which in turn

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