Problems with compiling DROPS packages

Rene Wittmann Wittmaennle at
Wed Feb 16 15:28:52 CET 2005

> I guess the problem is that DROPS_STDDIR points inside the l4 directory.
> Put it to something like /home/sirewitt/src/drops/drops, i.e. that it's
> beside the l4 directory (or somewhere else).
> Then redo everything, esp. oskit and oskit10. I don't how mangled your
> l4 directory is now, so maybe start from scratch?

I deleted the sources and got them again (checking out oskit10,oskit,l4,
DROPS_STDDIR now points to /home/sirewitt/src/drops/drops/ as you advised.
The directory now after "make" holds three directories: bin,include,lib.

At least I got a little bit further (about 4000 lines of compilation), but
now I get a new error:

/home/sirewitt/src/drops/l4/pkg/exec/server/src/ In member
                            `int exc_img_t::load(l4env_infopage_t*)':       
/home/sirewitt/src/drops/l4/pkg/exec/server/src/ error:
                            initializer used to initialize `l4_umword_t'    
make[5]: *** [exc_img.o] Error 1                                            
                  make[5]: Leaving directory
*** [OBJ-x86_686-l4v2] Error 2                                              
         make[4]: Leaving directory
*** [src] Error 2                                                           
         make[3]: Leaving directory
*** [server] Error 2                                                        
make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/sirewitt/src/drops/l4/pkg/exec'           
                  make[1]: *** [exec.bin] Error 2                           
                                    make[1]: Leaving directory
*** [pkg] Error 2  

The complete compile output lies

(unfortunatelly I have to compile as root, cause otherwise the make config
does not set the path correctly, this time I also set a 686 instead of a 586
(AMD Athlon XP)

Thanks, Rene

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