Problems with compiling DROPS packages

Rene Wittmann Wittmaennle at
Wed Feb 16 18:30:29 CET 2005

> Can you go to l4/pkg/exec/server/src/OBJ-x86_586-l4v2 and do
> "make exc_img.i" and make that file available, please.
the compilation seems to be fine
Output in:

The file itself:

> > (unfortunatelly I have to compile as root, cause otherwise the make
> config
> > does not set the path correctly, this time I also set a 686 instead of a
> 586
> Which path? Building as root is strongly discouraged, don't do it. If
> there's a bug, the bug should be fixed.
When I execute 'make config' not as root, the
contains the lines:


Unfortunatelly, the path /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/ does not

Whereas when executing 'make config' as not, contains:


(those files exist)

But I can't tell whether this is really a bug or only due to inconsistencies
on my target machine (which is more probable).

Adam, many thanks for your advice.


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