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Christian Helmuth ch12 at
Wed Mar 2 08:56:32 CET 2005


On Tue, Mar 01, 2005 at 10:01:06PM +0000, Tiago Jorge wrote:
> Has anyone ever built a L4/Fiasco server that uses OSKit or non-OSKit 
> components to use the network, besides the tftp file provider?
> If so, could give me an hint how to do it, because i'm trying to do that 
> for two weeks or so, without any sucess.

We ported Linux 2.4 TCP/IP code to L4. The package is called FLIPS and
available via remote CVS (module flips). For testing we statically linked
it with Linux 2.4 eepro100.c Ethernet device driver. The code is in
"l4/pkg/flips/server/lib-lxdrv" and the binary is "flips-lxdrv".

Maybe this is what you're looking for, maybe it just provides a basis.

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