problems building server following mini_http example

Christian Helmuth ch12 at
Mon Mar 7 14:35:05 CET 2005

On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 11:26:30AM +0000, Tiago Jorge wrote:
> Hello...
> As i said in earlier emails, i'm building a L4 server that needs network 
> support. For that purpose, i'm trying to use the libraries from the 
> FLIPS package, using as guideline the mini_http server. i've build my 
> own package and costumized the Makefile to suit my needs. I've changed 
> the mode to l4env_freebsd because i'm using C++ + STL, and i need the 
> headers and the libstdc++.a. I've changed also the needed extra 
> libraries as in the mini_http example. So the Makefile looks like this:
> [...]
> My questions are:
> what am i doing wrong :) ?
> what extra libraries should i link and how?

AFAIK L4Env with OSKit's FreeBSD libc does not work with L4VFS and
libc_backends. If you want to stay with the current FLIPS client library
you have to use dielibc.

> by the way... following my last email, to how to add extra NIC drivers 
> to FLIPS, it is as simple as said and worked. Just add your drivers the 
> referenced Makefile line and extra modules needed by the driver, in my 
> case crc32 and mii.

That sounds good :-)

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