problems building server following mini_http example

Martin Pohlack mp26 at
Mon Mar 7 21:13:40 CET 2005

Tiago Jorge wrote:


> After a search in the best work tool ever (aka Google) the method 
> _Unwind_Resume has to do with exception propagation. But as we know, 
> only the l4env_freebsd and oskit10_sigma0 mode have full support for C++ 
> exceptions. But the FLIPS server has to be used with dielibc.
> My question is... is there any way to link with dielibc and still use 
> C++ and exceptions?

Well, you could try to "port" all the dietlibc backends to be used with 
another libc, *maybe* a recompile with the other libc is sufficient 
(currently they are all compiled with against the dietlibc).

However, you will be walking an unpaved road ...

If you make progress with this, please give us feedback!

Another way would be to split your application into two part connected 
with some (libc independent) interface and build one part in c++ with 
the oskit libc and the other in c with dietlibc.

Greets & good luck,

Martin Pohlack
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