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Frank Mehnert fm3 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Tue Mar 15 14:02:30 CET 2005

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 13:34, Tiago Jorge wrote:
> I already compile with those flags. My problem is the following:

Are you _sure_ that your _whole_ C++ code is compiled with -fno-exceptions?

> because i'm using the dielibc i can't use STL, because it launches
> exceptions. So, i've made my own templates of vector and map without
> exceptions and i'm trying to use them. the error is the following:
> FailureDetector.o(.eh_frame+0x11): In function `map<int,
> heartbeat>::del(int)':
> /home/tiago/l4/pkg/failuredetector/server/src/WOO_map.h: undefined
> reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'
> main.o(.eh_frame+0x11): In function `main':
> /home/tiago/l4/pkg/failuredetector/server/src/WOO_vector.h:20: undefined
> reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

This function is called when unwinding the stack due to an exception.

> by the way, line 20 is the constructor and it doesn't throws exceptions.
> So here i am stuck at this point :(

We are using templates in the Fiasco microkernel -- without any problems
(and without exceptions).

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