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Christian Helmuth ch12 at
Tue Mar 22 09:09:37 CET 2005

On Mon, Mar 21, 2005 at 05:40:16PM +0000, Tiago Jorge wrote:
> Christian Helmuth wrote:
> >AFAIK after a glimpse at the FLIPS code, setsockopt() should work like on
> >original Linux 2.4. Does it really work this way on Linux?
> >
> In Linux, this test works fine. I thought it was from the broadcast 
> socket address was not set, but i've setted it with ioctl (yes... i know 
> you don't like but...;)) and still gives me error sending in 
> broadcast... but setsockopt doesn't return any error at all... I have my 
> app working on linux like this :). i don't know if somethings missing in 
> the NIC configuration...

Hmm, no ideas. From my point of view FLIPS does not differ from Linux -
same source code. Maybe we missed a configuration detail. Any chance for
you to check this under Linux (strace ifconfig or something)? I think it
will be the only way, as in Dresden currently nobody works on FLIPS and
network applications.

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