malloc, DICE and IPC

Bernhard Kauer kauer at
Wed Mar 30 16:15:09 CEST 2005


> all ok, until i get it to run...
> There, he gives me an error (page fault) at the stubs, when 
> unmarshalling the return value of the woo_send() call, more precisely, 
> when allocating the string(tag) inside the return structure. the line is 
> the following:
> _dice_return.tag = 
> (CORBA_char_ptr)(_dice_corba_env->malloc)(_dice_tmp_offset);
> i've checked the string size tha comes from the server and it is correct...
> So... why is it page faulting??

The _dice_corba_env->malloc pointer is zero, isn't it?

You could give the server-loop another dice_corba-environment,
(look at the dice parameter -fserver-parameter) that contain a malloc, 
instead of using the default one at "WOO_server_loop(0);"

Or you can take a look at the dice parameter -fforce-corba-alloc and implement
a CORBA_alloc() and CORBA_free() ...


    Bernhard Kauer

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