malloc, DICE and IPC

Tiago Jorge tjpj at
Wed Mar 30 16:30:17 CEST 2005

> That's strange. What version of dice are you using? With the above 
> code it should not pagefault, but instead jump into the kernel-debugger.
thanks for your answers. Don't panic...:). When i say its page faulting 
its AFTER entering the kernel debugger.

> Ok. You are using the default environment, which contains function 
> pointers to malloc and free functions to allocate memory for such 
> things as string returned from the server. These functions are (in old 
> versions of dice set to NULL -> pagefault) or a default function (in 
> the latest version), which jumps into the kernel debugger (to allow to 
> see why its pagefaulting :).
> If you turn on warnings when using dice (-Wall or see --help for other 
> options) it tells you when and for which variable it uses malloc. The 
> idea is, that you can provide your own versions of malloc and free 
> (just have to have the same signature) and set them in the local 
> environment:
> CORBA_Environment env = dice_default_environment;
> env.malloc = (dice_malloc)malloc;
> The cast is to eliminate a warning: the libc malloc usually uses 
> size_t type, which is not defined in L4Env.
i'm gonna try it right now.

> Hope that helps,
> Ron.
thanks again :)


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