Various things on log_net package

Jork Loeser jork at
Fri Apr 8 18:56:02 CEST 2005

Hi Rene,

> While trying to get the log server working for logging to network, I
> found some problems/bugs...

Thank you for the hints. Actually, I am leaving the group, and I am not
shure whether the net-log is a priority project someone is willing to
spend time on maintaining. Nonetheless, your remarks are well conserved,
and patches are welcome.

> Problem when using the logging to network within a program that uses the
> parse_cmd library

This is strange, indeed. The log output, appears it normally, or does it
have an asterisk in front? The fall-back of the log-lib is to output the
data locally, if no log server is found within some time interval (both
local log-server and networked version).  Although, this fall-back will be
indicated with an '*' in front of each line.

Further, is the output of every program local, or only that of the one
using the parse_cmd lib?

Kind Regards,
Jork Loeser

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