Flips tracking of IPC

Tiago Jorge tjpj at lasige.di.fc.ul.pt
Tue May 3 12:23:50 CEST 2005

>ok... maybe this is my problem regarding another thread in the hackers 
>list... can this be solved using "select"?
>Because i must have a listen socket and a sending socket... so if my l4 
>server has a socket in a select wainting for input, should it be able to 
>send throught another socket?
following my last emails... i've tried with select and it doesn't work also.
So... before a build a separate server just to relay my messages, is it 
possible to change the blocking state of a socket.
I've seen that the l4vfs implementation of fcntl its just a dummy 
implementation so my question is... is it possible throught another 
l4vfs method or something in FLIPS to do non-blocking IO in sockets/file 

thaks for all your help


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