Porting C++ apps to L4

Tiago Jorge tjpj at lasige.di.fc.ul.pt
Tue May 24 09:19:05 CEST 2005

>I'm busy porting a C++ application to L4. From various comments on the
>mailing list I know that I cannot make use of exceptions and RTTI, but
>unfortunately the program links against a library that makes heavy use
>of both. What should I do?
>Is there any documentation or guidelines on porting C++ apps to L4?
it depends.
If if you need to use libraries that link against dielibc (my case) tou 
cannot use this features, my case was with L4VFS.
But if you are using libraries and servers that are fully compatible 
with C++, you just need to:

1 - in your makefile, use the l4env_freebsd mode (MODE = l4env_freebsd)
2 - link your app with stdc++ (LIBS += -lstdc++)
3 - use the flags -nostdlib so that your program doesn't link with the 
library from the system (CXXFLAGS = -nostdlib)

Just following the cxx_hello example...

hope i've helped.


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