Using run with bmodfs as file-provider

Stefan Kalkowski sk852421 at
Fri May 27 17:13:22 CEST 2005

Adam Lackorzynski schrieb:
> Did you properly quote the argument to run?

yes i thougt so, because i got no failure notice, but you're possibly
right that the loader interprets the argument of run as an argument to
himself. I think i was blind for that.

> This could work:
>   module /drops/l4/bin/x86_586/l4v2/loader --events --fprov=BMODFS "run --fprov=BMODFS" l4linux26-dope

no that doesn't work, with this line i got the following message:

bmodfs  |  Error: Object 'run --fprov=BMODFS' not found!
loader  | Error -8 opening file "run --fprov=BMODFS"

so i put it in a script bmodfs.cfg:

task "run" "--fprov=BMODFS"

and now it works.

Thank you

Stefan Kalkowski


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