questions on L4Env and libraries for development on pistachio

Benno benjl at
Fri Jun 10 02:13:49 CEST 2005

On Thu Jun 09, 2005 at 10:49:15 -0500, Jayesh Salvi wrote:
>I am looking for libraries to do coding on pistachio. As I understand L4Env 
>gives a bunch of libraries - memory management libraries (dm_phys,...), 
>l4io, etc. Could someone answer these questions:
>1. From L4Env's docs I see it being used only with fiasco source code. 
>Haven't come across any project that uses L4Env with pistachio. Any 
>dependencies that I don't know of? If not are there any examples?
>2. I want libraries for some basic functions - malloc, free, printf, etc. 
>L4Env needs oskit, l4linux2.2 and fiasco L4 kernel. Aren't there any 
>lightweight ways of getting such libraries for L4? Can parts of L4Env used 
>seperately in pistachio tree?
>3. I came across libCLight library which is the light implementation of 
>libc. I could get it compiled in my pistachio tree, as done in IoL4 project. 
>Can anyone compare using malloc in libCLight and using DMPhys of L4Env?
>Hope these questions are not that naive.

You should try out Kenge.

We provide a small libc that can be targeted to a variety of environments.

There are also a number of other libraries that might be of use.



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