questions on L4Env and libraries for development on pistachio

Jayesh Salvi jayeshsalvi at
Fri Jun 10 07:57:02 CEST 2005

> L4Env by no means needs oskit or l4linux2.2. It needs a libc, one can
> currently choose between oskit and dietlibc. l4linux has nothing to do
> with L4Env, except that l4linux may use it. There's no dependency in the
> other direction.

I hoped so. But the COMPILATION readme file in L4Env package made me think 
that there was dependency.

> Our dietlibc uses several backends, e.g. it has different backends for
> memory allocation using different methods.
> dietlibc has no API dependencies and should work everywhere. Backends
> are API dependent but should be easily adoptable.
> > 3. I came across libCLight library which is the light implementation of
> > libc. I could get it compiled in my pistachio tree, as done in IoL4 
> > Can anyone compare using malloc in libCLight and using DMPhys of L4Env?
> Well, I do not know libCLight nor its malloc implementation but both
> things are different. dm_phys is a dataspace manager that operates on
> pyhsical memory and can hand out chunks of memory to clients. Its
> granularity are pages. One can use dataspaces to provide memory for a
> malloc implementation but dm_phys itself does not provide one.
> E.g. the 'simple_mem' backend for dietlibc provides an mmap via dm_phys
> so that malloc in dietlibc works.

Thanks very much for such good explanation. I will explore your suggestions 
to find the library most suitable for my means.
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