Memory problems concerning DDE and FLIPS

Tiago Jorge tjpj at
Mon Jun 13 13:33:31 CEST 2005

following this issue i'm having maybe a combination of both problem that 
i raised in this list with flips... memory and parelelism.
My server has several iterations. For each iteration, a node (because it 
is distributed) interacts with the network, doing sendto's and 
recvfrom's (in average 15/20 calls for each iteration). In earlier 
discussions, we concluded that Flips wasn't parallel and has some memory 
leaks. Since the beginning i've had a strange problem... sometimes the 
sendto hangs. When i didn't knew that flips wasn't paralel this was more 
notorius, becauses he hanged lacking the support to the concurrent and 
blocking calls, but now he has no reason to do that. I don't block calls 
for an infinite period of time and when i do a blocking call, i've 
surrounded all the other possible calls with locks, so that each 
blocking call becomes atomic and sequential (sendto, recvfrom and select).
He calls the sendto of the client library, but nothing happens on the 
flips side... so i presume that the call hangs somewhere. This happens 
after some iterations... around 200 iterations, so nearly 2000 sendto's. 
It's not the same problem that gave me when i tried to do 10000 
sendto's. Then it gave me the "no memory available...". Now only hangs.
Any ideia for what might be causing this issue?

Thanks in advance


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