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Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Tue Jun 28 15:24:29 CEST 2005

On Tue Jun 28, 2005 at 14:16:44 +0200, fabs0028 at wrote:
> I first wanted to signal about a little problem i found : when i launch an
> application i did for l4 with the loader it works fine but after its end i want
> to launch a legacy linux application and i get the message
> KERNEL: Security violation: Not pager of 36.
> Maybe i forgot something to close my program but i don't know what or maybe it
> is something else.

Please describe in more details what are you doing. I cannot really
understand what you are doing but I can e.g. guess the followoing
  - from a Linux prompt: you're starting application 'foo' with run-l4
  - run-l4 returns, you get your prompt back
  - 'foo' is started by the loader, runs and terminates, Linux doesn't
    see anything of this
  - you run 'ls' on the prompt, et voilà, the kernel message appears?

> I also wondered if it was possible to build a standard linux kernel from the
> l4linux sources ? I think so but i'm not sure.

It is. There's a convenience ARCH=l4 in the toplevel Makefile which one
has to remove/overwrite but that's it.

> And for a last question i'd like to know if there's a way to share devices such
> as for example hard drives between l4 and the l4linux server. I saw dde but i
> don't know if it is still up with the 2.6 portage and i haven't found a lot of
> doc about it except the manual.

That can be done. Depending on who is driving the hardware, L4Linux or
an L4 server, one needs some pseudo/stub driver on the other side that
queries the driver for requests. You probably noticed that there are
already stub drivers for input/output, block and network in L4Linux
which connect to corresponding L4 servers.
For a start it's probably easier to start the other way around, have the
driver in L4Linux and write a Linux user program that waits for requests
from the L4 side and processes requests. This should be fairly easy to
access block devices and should also work with network via tun/tap or

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