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Thu Jul 7 01:24:34 CEST 2005

On Wed, 6 Jul 2005 23:21:21 +0200
Julian Stecklina <der_julian at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I tried to build fiasco on FreeBSD today using the following commands:
> > cd kernel/fiasco
> > gmake config
> > env AWKP=awk gmake
> I got as far as:
> gmake srcdir=/usr/home/blitz/src/os/l4/kernel/fiasco/src -f /usr/home/
> registers auto/ -o kip.o In file included from auto/ kip.h:6,
> from auto/ /usr/home/blitz/src/os/l4/kernel/fiasco/ src/
> types/types.h:4:20: stddef.h: No such file or directory
> (some spaces have crept in due to copy&paste from xterm)
> minilibc does not seem to provide stddef.h, so the one of the host
> compiler is probably meant (is this correct?), but -I/usr/include//bin
> seems kind of bogus. Has anyone an idea where to tweak this?

The bogus include directory was -I/usr/bin//include, sorry for the
typo. It seems that the configuration process tries to locate libgcc.a
and assumes that the directory containing this library also has gcc
specific headers. On FreeBSD however libgcc.a is installed in the base
system under /usr/lib and its headers are in /usr/include. A real fix
here would be using autoconf. :-/

Another issue I have come across is the dependence on a non-POSIX date
utility. I studied several man pages from different Linuxes and BSDs
and come to the conclusion that it is quite difficult to get the file
modification time via anything that is remotely POSIXish. The date
command is not even uniform on all Linuxes.. I replaced the
modification time of the config file with the current time of day...

Nevertheless, I managed to complete a build of Fiasco on FreeBSD. I
still have to test whether it works, though.

Attached is a patch with all the changes I had to do.

Julian Stecklina

LISP has survived for 21 years because it is an approximate local
optimum in the space of programming languages. - John McCarthy (1980)

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