Shared dataspace problem

Leon Brits ljbrits at
Tue Jul 19 18:41:58 CEST 2005

Hi Frank,

> I assume that you use the event-server, don't you?

> Which task exits? The task which allocated the dataspace or the other?
The dataspace is setup by a third task which setup the initial
structures inside the dataspace. This task serves as a server that
grants access to the dataspace when the other tasks requests the
dataspace id from the server and maps it into their own VM space. They
all get Read and Write access.

The initial task (owner) is still running and working after I halt the
task which caused the page fault.

My task that page faults is a L4Linux server and my virtual NIC (kernel
module) was accessing the shared dataspace. As previously discussed, I
use emul_l4rm.c to map the dataspace into the kernel VM space and this
has been running for weeks without a glitch. Until now when another L4
tasks, which also shares the dataspace, died.

Thanks for your help!

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