Memory usage in l4linux

fabs0028 at fabs0028 at
Wed Jul 20 12:27:22 CEST 2005

> Do you talk about L4Linux programs or native L4 applications?

Well i'm sorry if i wasn't clear, i talk of native L4 applications.

For examples i'd like to see the amount of memory used by the fiasco kernel or
the log server or the loader,etc ..

> for L4 applications the dm_phys server provides some 
> debugging/statistical routines (e.g., l4dm_ds_dump()). IIRC "run" 
> uses this function.

Thanx, i have just noticed examples like dump-ds in the l4 package but 
of course
dm_phys can't provide me informations about tasks that doesn't rely on l4env.

I think other tasks directly get their memory from sigma0 with rmgr so maybe i
should ask one of them but i don't know if it is possible and i don't know how
to do that.

Thanx a lot for your help

Fabien Chaillou

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