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Bert van Leeuwen bert.vanleeuwen at
Thu Aug 4 07:35:13 CEST 2005

Is it possible (with jdb) to get local symbol/parameter info at every
stack frame in the backtrace (e.g. after a PF)? That is the info I am
interested in obtaining... Just a plain bt doesn't always help unless
you can determine the state at each frame.

On 8/3/05, Adam Lackorzynski <adam at> wrote:
> On Fri Jul 29, 2005 at 12:17:48 +0200, Derick Swanepoel wrote:
> > Can anyone shed some light on how remote GDB debugging should be done
> > under L4? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Just some words from my side. We here use jdb to nearly debug
> everything, so we don't use gdb at all. If we would there probably would
> be some support for it. :)
> Sure, jdb is different to gdb but we haven't had the need to get gdb
> running for user land debugging up to now. Try jdb, it's cool :)
> The jdb manual:
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