Fiasco + L4Linux auf echter Hardware

Marcel Selhorst selhorst at
Mon Aug 8 17:20:44 CEST 2005

Hi Adam,

sorry for disobeying the English-only on your mailing list and thanks for your reply!

> Which experimental options need to be enabled in Fiasco and L4Linux?
> In Fiasco: Exception IPC, Inter task exregs and segment handling.

OK, I had these already in my kernel, and it still doesn't work.
I already tested out almost every combination possible within Fiasco, incl. PIC,
APIC, RTC and compiled it for 586, 686 and P4...

> L4Linux will check if the options are enable and refuse to run
> otherwise.

I have attached a serial cable and logged what the kernel debugger says. There is an
unhandled pagefault. Below you'll find some output of the log.

Best regards,

Marcel Selhorst

exec    | vmlinux: Loading
exec    | vmlinux: Interpreter section found, contains "/usr/lib/"
exec    | vmlinux: Saved 819249 bytes of symbols
exec    | Loading
exec    | Saved 21552 bytes of symbols
exec    | Relocating to 00010000
exec    | Linking
exec    | Relocating entry 000055b0 => 000155b0
exec    | Setting section flag 0800
exec    | vmlinux: Setting section flag 0800
loader  | vmlinux: Starting l4env-style application
loader  | vmlinux,#c: Starting at l4loader_init (00015e10)
exec    | vmlinux: Linking
exec    | vmlinux: Relocating entry 003ff000 => 003ff000
exec    | vmlinux: Packed 657131 bytes of symbols
    --PANIC-------------------------------------------------EIP: 00022432
(c.00) jdb:
exec    | vmlinux: Packed 1819681 bytes of lines
loader  | vmlinux,#c: Continue at l4env_init (00015e20,
l4lx    | crt0_construction called.
l4lx    | ======> L4Linux 2.6 starting... <========
l4lx    | Binary name: vmlinux
l4lx    | Kernel command line (1 args): root=/dev/hda2
l4lx    | My DMphys is at 07.00
l4lx    | My region mapper is at 0c.00
l4lx    | My code starts at 0x003ff000 and ends at 0x007111b8 [3144 KiB].
l4lx    | Semaphore thread ID: 0c.01
l4lx    | Areas:
l4lx    | Text:     003ff000 - 00622000 [2188kB] (a bit longer)
l4lx    | Data:     00622000 - 0066b300 [292kB]
l4lx    | Initdata: 0066e000 - 0069a000 [176kB]
l4lx    | BSS:      0069a008 - 007111b8 [476kB]
l4lx    | l4lx_thread_create: Created thread 0c.03 (server)
l4lx    | main thread will be 0c.03
l4lx    | l4env_register_pointer_section: addr = 3ff000 size = 2736128
l4lx    | with-init: virt: 0x003ff000 to 0x0069afff [2672 KiB]
l4lx    | Noncontinuous region for with-init
l4lx    | l4env_linux_startup thread 3.
l4lx    | with-init: Number of physical regions: 2, 2736128 Bytes
l4lx    | with-init: 1: Phys: 0x00bd7000 to 0x00dce000, Size:  6149036
l4lx    | with-init: 2: Phys: 0x0075b000 to 0x00800000, Size:  6149036
l4lx    | main thread: received startup message.
l4lx    | L4RM: [PF] read at 0x00000000, eip 004f00ae, src C.03
l4lx    | [C.0] l4rm/lib/src/pagefault.c:78:__unknown_pf():
l4lx    |  unhandled page fault

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