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Julian Stecklina der_julian at
Mon Aug 15 21:27:16 CEST 2005

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 21:02:08 +0200
Adam Lackorzynski <adam at> wrote:

> On Mon Aug 15, 2005 at 17:58:37 +0200, Julian Stecklina wrote:
> > is there somewhere a prebuilt build environment for Fiasco/L4-Env/
> > DROPS? My primary development box (and in fact all PCs I own) run
> > FreeBSD and I do not plan to switch to some GNU/Linux which most
> > parts of the build process seem to assume. Even a Linux build would
> > be useful to me, as I could run it using the Linuxulator.
> There's no such build available because I guess it would not work
> reliably in most cases.
> When you can use Linuxulator, why doesn't it work to build everything
> from scratch? (Not knowing any details about this.)

This would require that I have a fully working cross-compiler
environment rather than running drops' build tools as linux
executables and compile with FreeBSD's native cc. I will try how far I
get with the former, but not on my laptop that I use for work. There is
a slight chance that I break my system compiler which would be quite
devastating on FreeBSD.

> Or use qemu or similar?

I already thought of this. I could run a Linux inside qemu and NFS
export my home directory to it. Thus I could edit on (fast) FreeBSD and
compile on (slow, emulated) Linux. But this is a huge waste of disk

Then again I could try to get the build environment working on FreeBSD,
which would be a benefit for all. Last time I tried it was a very
frustrating day (hardcoded paths, depending on dynamically linked gcc,
non-POSIXsms). Ok, if I look at the code tree at work, I guess it is a
common evil to have non-portable build environments. ;)

Julian Stecklina

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