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Julian Stecklina der_julian at
Tue Aug 16 01:44:51 CEST 2005

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005 01:09:53 +0200
Adam Lackorzynski <adam at> wrote:

> > Then again I could try to get the build environment working on
> > FreeBSD, which would be a benefit for all. Last time I tried it was
> > a very frustrating day (hardcoded paths, depending on dynamically
> > linked gcc, non-POSIXsms). Ok, if I look at the code tree at work,
> > I guess it is a common evil to have non-portable build
> > environments. ;)
> Would be cool. :) Unfortunately we have no *BSD addict here so this
> has never been tackled. As a hint, select the dietlibc mode in the
> config and thus bootstrap/roottask. oskit and old rmgr will go sooner
> or later and putting any effort there is not worth it.

Thanks for the hint. There is still lots of time in the semester break
to try this again. And about not having an BSD addict around: my
Hauptstudium is just beginning and there is still lots of free time to
fill with microkernel-related lectures at the TUD. ;)

Julian Stecklina

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 discussion of C++'s strengths and flaws always sounds like an
 argument about whether one should face north or east when one
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