l4linux based distro

Volkmar Uhlig volkmar at volkmaruhlig.com
Fri Aug 19 07:24:51 CEST 2005

In Karlsruhe we stopped supporting L4Linux in favor of our previrtualization
<http://l4ka.org/projects/virtualization/afterburn/> effort.  The idea is to
have a single kernel image that runs on bare hardware as well as on L4 (and
other hypervisors as well).  That approach eliminates the need to
specifically port, package, and test the Linux kernel.  Instead you can just
take a stock Linux and run it on L4.
- Volkmar


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Is L4Linux good enough to be included in a standard Linux distro?
I was wondering if anyone was planning to do so?
I am trying to compile L4Linux under Ubuntu but am getting lots of error
messages during the compile. My lack of knowledge of Linux/L4 etc means it
will probably be difficult to ever get this working. Does anyone have
pre-compile binaries?
Many thanks

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