shared memory Beispiel?

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Hi L4Ka::Pistachio developers,

I have read the source code of L4Ka::Pistachio-0.4. & found that some features defined in L4 eXperimental Kernel Reference Manual Version X.2 Revision 5 hasn't been implemented yet. For example, appoint redirector by SpaceControl, IO port mapping, etc.

I tried to checkout the newest source code from CVS, & the CVS server couldn't be reached.

When those features are going to be implemented? Now that those features are very important for implementing a flexible OS on L4 u-kernel.

Seems that there are so many differences between L4Ka::Pistachio and Fiasco. Is there a stardard L4 specification? I think L4Ka::Pistachio is more clean & flexible, why Fiasco put so many complicated & inflexible policies inside L4 kernel?

BTW, has any OS or system been built on L4Ka::Pistachio? As I know, L4-Linux is built on Fiasco, but I don't like its design. I hope I can get a reference system based on L4Ka::Pistachio.

Best Regards,
Darwin Yuan

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