shared memory Beispiel?

Frank Mehnert fm3 at
Wed Aug 31 13:41:54 CEST 2005

Hi Darwin Yuan,

it might be that you

1) posted to the wrong list since your question seems to be very specific
   to L4Ka. So please post to their mailing list (l4ka at

2) wrongfully replied to a thread with has nothing to do with your question.
   Please create a new thread with a meaningful subject next time.

Thank you for your understanding!

To answer some of your statements:

On Wednesday 31 August 2005 11:36, yuan Darwin-r62832 wrote:
> Seems that there are so many differences between L4Ka::Pistachio and
> Fiasco. Is there a stardard L4 specification? I think L4Ka::Pistachio is
> more clean & flexible, why Fiasco put so many complicated & inflexible
> policies inside L4 kernel?

An interesting statement because you obviously did not read the L4 spec.
Fiasco implements L4 version V2 and X0 with some extensions in the stable
branch and X2 in a development branch. L4Ka::Pistachio implements X2.
All three version can be found on

> BTW, has any OS or system been built on L4Ka::Pistachio? As I know,
> L4-Linux is built on Fiasco, but I don't like its design. I hope I can get
> a reference system based on L4Ka::Pistachio.

L4Linux was originally built on L4 by Jochen Liedtke. AFAIK there are some
implementations of L4Linux available for L4Ka::Pistachio -- see
for details.

Sincerey yours,

Frank Mehnert
## Dept. of Computer Science, Dresden University of Technology, Germany ##
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