Reboot does not work anymore!

Udo A. Steinberg us15 at
Thu Sep 8 12:53:34 CEST 2005

On Thu, 8 Sep 2005 12:30:38 +0200 Derick Swanepoel (DS) wrote:

DS> I'm having the same problem (CVS 20050829). Rebooting does not work
DS> from "run" or from JDB. It gets as far saying:
DS> Return reboots, "k" enters L4 kernel debugger...
DS> Rebooting.
DS> Shutting down...
DS> but then nothing happens. This is on a Pentium 4 machine. Strangely,
DS> however, it works on a Xeon.

Can you check out a version of Fiasco dated Sep 1, 2005 or later and check
if that version allows you to reboot from inside JDB on the P4 machine?

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