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On Sun Sep 25, 2005 at 09:43:35 -0700, Shakthi Kannan wrote:
> Just started playing around with fiasco and l4env. I
> checked out l4env and hello from CVS, which obtained
> all the required files. I was able to compile it on my
> x86 Thinkpad (T41) running Debian Sarge 3.1r0a. I've
> added an entry in boot/grub/menu.lst as follows:
> title		DROPS/Fiasco u-kernel
> kernel		(hd0,0)/boot/fiasco/rmgr -sigma0

> I already have grub installed in the MBR of the hard
> disk, and I don't have a floppy drive in the laptop. 
> 1. Is there any other way I can get these modules
> loaded and tested?

Yes, several. :)

I recommend using qemu or some other virtualization approach to test
things. Rebooting your laptop everytime isn't practical and takes time.
You can take the demo floppy image as a basis
( Using qemu is much more

Another way to test things is Fiasco-UX, that's a Fiasco running on

> 2. I am particularly interested in device drivers. Is
> there any documentation that covers these in DROPS
> other than using Linux device drivers?

When you say Linux drivers, do you mean DDE or L4Linux? We've been using
Linux drivers mainly and have good experience in reusing them under L4.
We haven't been hacking big drivers from scratch, for obvious reasons.
There's at least a master thesis on DDE (but it's in german).

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