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Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply.

--- Adam Lackorzynski <adam at>
> You can take the demo floppy image as a basis
> ( Using
> qemu is much more
> comfortable.

I tested the demo floppy on an old PIII desktop, and
it booted fine. I also mounted it on my laptop and
changed the images to the one I compiled (names, log,
sigma0, rmgr, hello,...), and tested it on the
desktop, and it worked fine.
> Another way to test things is Fiasco-UX, that's a
> Fiasco running on
> Linux.
> When you say Linux drivers, do you mean DDE or
> L4Linux? 

I don't want to go through any

Is it possible to write an application and device
drivers (user-space) that interact directly with
fiasco? Are there any simple hello-world kind of
examples or documentation for this?

I have been looking for a microkernel to work/test
directly with hardware. I don't need any fancy GUIs.
Even a console with VGA output is fine.

> We haven't been hacking big drivers from scratch,
> for obvious reasons.
> There's at least a master thesis on DDE (but it's in
> german).

I don't know German :(


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