Did not find VBE info block

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Mon Sep 26 17:58:47 CEST 2005

On Mon Sep 26, 2005 at 07:09:25 -0700, Shakthi Kannan wrote:
> I am trying to get the console using l4env and fiasco
> on an old x86 desktop. Is it like the bash shell?

No, it's a console system that gives applications virtual consoles. What
applications do with their virtual console is up to them. We have some
very basic command interface called 'run', it's in the loader package.

> Images have been compiled from CVS sources. All images
> are booted from the grub present in the demo floppy.
> The grub entry is as follows:
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/rmgr -sigma0
> modaddr 0x01500000
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/main -noserial -nowait -nokdb
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/sigma0
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/names
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/log
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/dm_phys
> kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/con
> The output that I get while booting is as follows:
> "
> con | OSKit support: using 128 KB at 0x00002000 as
> heap
> con | Characters size is 8x14, font has 256 characters
> con | vc_init_gr ():
> con | [8.2] l4con/server/src/vc.c: 315: vc_init_gr():
> con | Did not find VBE info block in multiboot info
> con | Perhaps you have to upgrade GRUB, RMGR or
> oskit10_support
> con | GRUB has to set the video mode with the vbeset
> command
> con |
> con | Alternatively, try passing the --vbemode=<mode>
> switch
> con |
> ----PANIC, 'g' for exit
> "
> By console, does it correspond to serial port output
> or the VGA display? The desktop is a Sony Trinitron
> multiscan 15sx display.

The problem is that one usually needs to switch to some VESA mode from
within GRUB, using the vbeset command. Your menu.lst should look then
like this:

kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/rmgr -sigma0
modaddr 0x01500000
kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/main -noserial -nowait -nokdb
kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/sigma0
kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/names
kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/log
kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/dm_phys
kernel (fd0)/l4/v2/con
vbeset 0x117

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