Building device drivers with oskit10_support_l4env

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Wed Oct 12 12:18:26 CEST 2005


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On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 04:18:25PM +0800, Jianjun Shen wrote:
> "Using the OSKit as a base for L4 applications" noted
> that oskit10_support uses lthread_ex_regs to implement
> interrupt handling, and it may cause some problems.
> Dose oskit10_support_l4env still have this problem?

The information in this paper is rather old and out-dated in several

We in Dresden make heavy use of the Device Driver Environment (dde_linux)
approach and have running drivers for (package names in parentheses):
sound (dde_linux/examples/sound), usb (usb), frame grabber (video), and
network devices (ore) taken from Linux 2.4. The flips package is our
proof-of-concept port of Linux 2.4 TCP/IP code to L4.  There's also an
experimental Linux 2.6 version of the DDE libraries (dde_linux26) and an
IDE driver (l4ide, bddf). Ongoing work here in Dresden is about Linux 2.6
ALSA drivers and an DDE for BSD sources.

Also, we're currently switching from oskit (that we used mainly because of
its libc libraries) to dietlibc and uclibc. The next L4Env release (and
the CVS sources too) will reflect this work and oskit will disappear some
time in the future.

For this reasons, we cannot help you further with your issues or give
heavy support for oskit-related L4 packages. I recommend to give
dde_linux26, dde_linux and l4ide a try as these are in our remote CVS.
Some of the other packages I mentioned before are not yet available
publicly - just do a "cvs ls" in your local copy of "l4/pkg".

Christian Helmuth

TU Dresden, Dept. of CS
Operating Systems Group

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