Building device drivers with oskit10_support_l4env

Jianjun Shen weishen_cu at
Wed Oct 12 17:32:03 CEST 2005


Yes, I am a member of l4-hacker.

Thanks for your reply, though I would much prefer to
kown it earlier - I have worked on the problem for
several days, and I think I am near to solving it
(seeming to be sth. related to omega0).

My final goal is to run multiple l4linux instance on
disk. So I would like to know if coresponding l4lx
driver stubs are provided. Has l4ide ever been
designed with consideration to this?
I also plan to implement disk partition and a simple
file server. Do those components already exist? 
You mentioned "bddf" - what is it?

In fact, I knew about dde_linux, but I failed to find
more information and examples about how to use it, so
I previously chose oskit for its full support to
filesystems, drivers and network.


Jianjun Shen

> Hello,
> (I CC'ed this E-Mail to Jianjun, because I don't
> know if he is a list
> member.)
> On Mon, Oct 10, 2005 at 04:18:25PM +0800, Jianjun
> Shen wrote:
> > "Using the OSKit as a base for L4 applications"
> noted
> > that oskit10_support uses lthread_ex_regs to
> implement
> > interrupt handling, and it may cause some
> problems.
> > Dose oskit10_support_l4env still have this
> problem?
> The information in this paper is rather old and
> out-dated in several
> points.
> We in Dresden make heavy use of the Device Driver
> Environment (dde_linux)
> approach and have running drivers for (package names
> in parentheses):
> sound (dde_linux/examples/sound), usb (usb), frame
> grabber (video), and
> network devices (ore) taken from Linux 2.4. The
> flips package is our
> proof-of-concept port of Linux 2.4 TCP/IP code to
> L4.  There's also an
> experimental Linux 2.6 version of the DDE libraries
> (dde_linux26) and an
> IDE driver (l4ide, bddf). Ongoing work here in
> Dresden is about Linux 2.6
> ALSA drivers and an DDE for BSD sources.
> Also, we're currently switching from oskit (that we
> used mainly because of
> its libc libraries) to dietlibc and uclibc. The next
> L4Env release (and
> the CVS sources too) will reflect this work and
> oskit will disappear some
> time in the future.
> For this reasons, we cannot help you further with
> your issues or give
> heavy support for oskit-related L4 packages. I
> recommend to give
> dde_linux26, dde_linux and l4ide a try as these are
> in our remote CVS.
> Some of the other packages I mentioned before are
> not yet available
> publicly - just do a "cvs ls" in your local copy of
> "l4/pkg".
> Cheers
> -- 
> Christian Helmuth
> TU Dresden, Dept. of CS
> Operating Systems Group



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