Building device drivers with oskit10_support_l4env

Christian Helmuth ch12 at
Thu Oct 13 11:13:25 CEST 2005


On Wed, Oct 12, 2005 at 11:32:03PM +0800, Jianjun Shen wrote:
> Thanks for your reply, though I would much prefer to
> kown it earlier - I have worked on the problem for
> several days, and I think I am near to solving it
> (seeming to be sth. related to omega0).

Hey, good to hear that. Keep on hunting the bug and please post your
results. Maybe this helps with an issue I discovered some days ago with my
development version of dde_linux26.

> My final goal is to run multiple l4linux instance on
> disk. So I would like to know if coresponding l4lx
> driver stubs are provided. Has l4ide ever been
> designed with consideration to this?

For l4ide, there exists an L4Linux-2.6 driver stub. You can find it in the
configuration menu: L4Linux configuration -> Advanced options -> Block
driver for the generic_blk interface. Make sure you set the module
variable "l4bd.l4blk_name=L4IDE" on the Linux command line. For the
current version of l4ide, please run l4io with IRQ handling (omega0)
switched on or your IDE driver will never stop probing... I think you know
this effect ;)

> I also plan to implement disk partition and a simple
> file server. Do those components already exist?

L4ide includes partition handling but this is not finished. L4Linux always
uses the complete hard disk.

For the file server / file system, we have no package ready. Maybe you
should consider to use L4Linux as file server?

> You mentioned "bddf" - what is it?

It's the highly experimental successor of l4ide. BDDF stands for Block
Device Driver Framework. I expect further results or no public version
before Q2 2006.

> In fact, I knew about dde_linux, but I failed to find
> more information and examples about how to use it, so
> I previously chose oskit for its full support to
> filesystems, drivers and network.

Yeah, that's a big drawback, but is there someone who likes writing
documentation ;) Note, there are several term papers about DDE and
successful ports of Linux components for download at

Unfortunately, most of these are in German.

Christian Helmuth

TU Dresden, Dept. of CS
Operating Systems Group

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