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Frank Mehnert fm3 at
Thu Oct 13 13:15:42 CEST 2005

Hi Marcel,

On Thursday 13 October 2005 11:24, Marcel Selhorst wrote:
> > Please would you post your complete menu.lst GRUB entry?
> title=-= ( Fiasco mit DoPe und L4Linux)=-

Ok, seems correct. On hint: You can replace "module module module ..." by
"attached z modules" where z is the number of attached modules.

Looking at the sources of generic_fprov/examples/bmodfs/dm.c we see that
bmodfs does not differ between modules and module arguments. We will fix
that shortly. BTW: It was not difficult to find that bug. :-) Simply look
for the string "Object '%s' not found" in the bmodfs sources and follow
that code path. You see the strcmp which compares the filenames plus the

The fix should be available in our remote CVS tomorrow.


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