Dope Crash during large fb output

Norman Feske nf2 at
Fri Oct 14 13:01:30 CEST 2005

Hi Marcel,

> yesterday I was running Dope with L4Linux. Inside the L4Linux-framebuffer I was
> compiling some applications, which produce lots of output in a very short time.
> Well, exactly at that point DoPe crashed. Connecting via my serial port to the kdb I
> got "Dope exited with -1" or something like that. I will try to reproduce that error
> or is this known already?

This issue is not known to me. It would be very helpful to have more
information on this. Are you using the plain text console of L4Linux?
How do you start DOpE (Grub or Loader)? Are you using Fiasco-UX or
Fiasco on bare hardware? Which libC are you using? Which program
prints the error message? Reproducing the error would help a lot.


Norman Feske

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