Module arguments

Marcel Selhorst l4hackers at
Fri Oct 14 14:16:30 CEST 2005

Hi Frank,

> So what do you want to achive? If you want to pass the password to
> hddencrypter you should start hddencrypter using the loader, e.g.

ok, we use the loader now to load the modules, but we have another problem now...

>   (nd)/loader --fprov=BMODFS "hddencrypter --with-password-dialog"

If we pass an argument to our module, which includes spaces, e.g.

	(nd)/loader	--fprov=BMODFS	"hddencrypter	--password='xx	x'"
					^param1		^param2		^param3

your loader doesn't recognize the quotation marks as an argument boundary. Therefore
the loader will recognize three different parameters, although (param2+param3) belong
together. Could you please include an escape sequence or assign priority to single
quotation marks, so that it is possible to pass arguments incl. spaces to a module?

Thanks in advance,


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