fiasco for ARM

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Sat Oct 29 22:18:41 CEST 2005

On Sat Oct 29, 2005 at 00:53:26 -0700, Shakthi Kannan wrote:
> 1. Will we be getting an announcement in the mailing
> list when fiasco moves with uclibc and dietlibc
> without oskit support?

There will be at least two steps involved. The first is changing the
default configuration to one of the new libcs, a second one is removing
oskit specific code from the packages. There will be some amount of time
between the two steps.

Using the new libcs it possible right _now_, it's just that the default
configuration hasn't been changed yet. But I guess that will happen not
too long away. We will send a notice out when doing so.

> 2. What is the current status of fiasco for ARM (cores
> 9 and above)? The FAQ mentions only about x86 with
> i486 and above, but, I found some ARM relevant code in
> l4sys/include-x2/L4API-l4x2/l4/arm. Is there anyone
> working with fiasco for ARM?

I do, and it works for me. Most of the relevant stuff is available for
ARM. There are not many platforms supported right now so using it may
cause some platform specific work to do.

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