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Frank Mehnert fm3 at
Thu Nov 10 17:34:30 CET 2005

Hi Michael,

On Thursday 10 November 2005 17:19, Michael Scheibel wrote:
> I am currently playing around with L4Linux+DOpE and would like to
> 1. Start and kill L4 processes at runtime (fprov-l4 and run-l4 do not
> work).

Please could you be a little bit more specific? "Does not work"
does not help us in finding the bug. Normally, you start fprov-l4
as L4Linux application in a directory. fprov-l4 provides a
service which is used by run-l4. run-l4 depends on the loader, so
if you don't have started the L4 loader at runtime, run-l4 will
not be able to locate it but run-l4 will show you an appropriate
message -- at least more than "does not work" :-)

> 2. Disable the DOpE mouse pointer in the L4Linux console window.
> 3. Resize the L4Linux console window without just stretching it.

AFAIK these features are not implemented in DOpE.

> 3. Play Quake :) (where do I get it?)

The Quake port is not available for public use.

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