Failed Assertion @ auto/kmem.h:162

Rene Reusner rr13 at
Sun Nov 27 20:41:45 CET 2005

Julian Grizzard(grizzard at 12:23:13 -0500:
> All,
> I'm upgrading my Fiasco/L4Linux setup to the latest CVS version.  My
> machine is a Pentium IV with 1 Gig RAM.  Using the same configuration
> that worked before, I've run into an assertion problem when the system
> boots with the latest CVS.  Below is the contents of menu.lst, L4 kernel
> configuration (globalconfig.out), and the boot log showing the assertion
> error.  Further, I cannot enter the kernel debugger with "k"; instead,
> the offending address changes to 0xf0014fc7 with the same assertion thus
> failing to enter the debugger. Any idea what is wrong?
> Thanks!

There is something fishy with the make config stuff.
Disable 4K TCBs, (Maybe you should switch to ux, disable it,
and then back to ia32). 


Will be fixed in the next days.


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