fprintf(stderr, ...) fails

Martin Pohlack mp26 at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Tue Nov 29 09:29:21 CET 2005

Hi Arthur,

> for my project I'm using sources, which heavily make use of code like this:
>     fprintf (stderr, "....");
> Even if compiling works fine, the executions of the program failes with 
> the following error message,
> when the program reaches the respective code:
> Program| OSKit support: using 4096KB at 0x00100000 as heap
> Program|
> Program| Exiting with rc=-2147467262
> No error occurs on printf("..") - commands.
> I am using the "l4env_freebsd" mode, but even in "l4env" mode an 
> (another) error occurs.

I'm not sure about the errors you describe, but we are currently in the
process of dumping oskit in favor of uclibc or dietlibc.  For each of
those we have several build modes which support fprintf().

You might want to look into l4/pkg/l4vfs/examples/l4vfs_test which uses
the l4env_base MODE.  Note that you must switch to dietlibc or uclibc in
l4 type 'make config'.

> I'm starting fiasco-ux with the command:
> ./fiasco-ux -m 256 -l names -l name_server -l dm_phys -l log -l 
> simple_ts -l Program

A quick note: I don't see that you need the name_server in this setup.
It is used for l4vfs programs.


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