Is it a problem to use l4env_freebsd - mode?

Bjoern Doebel bd1 at
Wed Nov 30 18:06:27 CET 2005


> (explicitly cc:'d to Björn Döbel, the maintainer of l4ore)

I am also reading l4-hackers. :)

> It should be possible to compile the log_net server using the oskit and
> compile the other parts of L4env with dietlibc or uClibc. However, it
> would make much sense to port the log_net interface to the new ore
> server (l4/pkg/ore). Björn, could you give an estimation about the
> effort to port log_net to ore?

After having talked to some people, the following steps seem to be 

- log_net needs to be ported to use FLIPS instead of the oskit as its 
TCP-Stack - ORe does not provide TCP/IP. Christian assumes this should 
be easy.
- we need to have an ORe driver for FLIPS.

I've put log_net on my todo list. The FLIPS driver was already on it.


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