Is it a problem to use l4env_freebsd - mode?

Bjoern Doebel doebel at
Wed Dec 21 09:17:11 CET 2005


> For my work, I need the log_net server which only compiles with oskit. 
> So I cannot abandon it.

There now is a replacement for log_net, called log_ore in 
l4/pkg/lib/uip/log_ore. It builds with dietlibc. This log_net 
replacement uses the ORe network switch to communicate over the network 
and could be a solution for you.

log_ore's LOG handling is mainly copied from l4/pkg/dmon (a log client 
for DOpE). At the moment there is only support for standard LOG 
messages. I'll be working on binary channels asap, because this is what 
I need for my diploma thesis.

So far

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