a error when compling fiasco-1.2

Shakthi Kannan shakthimaan at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 17 14:20:07 CET 2006

Hi Liu Jian,

--- Liu Jian <ljian at ios.ac.cn> wrote:
> 2)Switch to the directory
> *fiasco-1.2/l4/kernel/fiasco/* and create a
> build directory using *make BUILDDIR=build_ux**.

I entered into l4/kernel/fiasco directory.

> 3)Run *make config* in this build directory and
> select UX as target

I used:
  make config .

> platform (in 'Target System Options'). Leave the
> configuration menu with
> 'x'.

Yes done. Selected UX.

> 4)Build the kernel using *make*.

It compiles fine with make. My documentation is at:




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